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May 23, 2012 at 2:06am

Today was a slow night at work and I was behind the counter with two coworkers that I get along with well, and I forgot how it started, but somehow we all just started dancing at the same time, and then I turn around and I see our manager watching us. After we closed tonight he brought it up, and said that while other managers might have a problem with it, he was okay with our spontaneous dance party because it was “good energy” rofl

This is one of the reasons I’ll miss working for Disney ♥

Another reason is that people really are exceptionally nice here. Yesterday I got a ride home from a cast member who I’d never spoken to before and who doesn’t even work in food and beverage with me (she does Artist’s Palette merchandise.)

It’s stuff like that that you can do here but might seem weird anywhere else.

I’m excited to go home, but I know for sure I’ll miss it here!


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